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TeamsOffice offers you a one month, no obligation free trial period during which you can try all of the features of TeamsOffice and start to upload your own confidential documents to see for yourself the power and flexibility of the application.

When you logged into the Demo database as a user called "Demo", you went in as an ordinary user. All you could see were the records that you were given permission to see and any records which you chose to create yourself – which all the other users could also see.

In your free trial, you will have access to your own exclusive database in which you will be a SuperUser. SuperUsers have full administrative privileges and can see all database records regardless of their security settings. Keep in mind that TeamsOffice is designed primarily for workgroups where, usually, the manager or director needs to have final control over all of the contents of the database.

As SuperUser, you will see the Admin menu and have power to add and suspend up to 5 users and an unlimited number of user groups. By experimenting with these features, you can see exactly how the TeamsOffice record-level security works in practice.

You can also decide the 2-letter prefix used in the naming of all documents in your database.

If, after a full month of trial, you decide that TeamsOffice is not for you, you may cancel without any obligation whatsoever.

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