OK.  this is my first post and I want to tell you why you need TeamsOffice to manage your data.

Let’s talk about security.

You know, when most applications talk about security for your documents, they talk about organising your documents into separate folders.  You might have a folder for admin, a folder for marketing and another for legal.  And you copy the document into the folder of each department that is allowed to access that document.  So everyone who is supposed to be able to access that document can and none who is not supposed to can.

But what happens when one of the departments updates or edits that document and fails to circulate it to the other departments or their folders?  Now we have 2 different versions of the same document.  Before long they’re all different and nobody knows which is the “right” version.

In TeamsOffice, there is only one instance of any document – actually, of any pice of data.  Anyone who has the right to access that piece of data sees the same “piece” as everyone else. So, if one person updates it, everyone sees that updated version.

No duplicates.  No confusion.

Logical 🙂

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